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The YE-21 was the second Young Engineers conference run by the CT/OES Joint Chapter of the HKIEEE.  After the success of the first conference in 2020, it was decided to run a second one.  These pre-uni conferences are designed to allow talented students to present topics of interest or work they are involved with.  These are usually STEM related and the event offers students to receive credit for this work.  This recognition is especially useful, for students, when applying to schools and universities for continuing or future study.

The virtual conference was held in Hong Kong at Cyberport, Pokfulam.

There were a total of 19 presentations with three presenters from Beijing and one from the USA.  This year we allowed presentations, posters and papers to be in mother tongue language so Mandarin with the simplified Chinese character font as well as Cantonese with the traditional Chinese character font.  English language translations of these students work will be posted with the original documents.


The aim and objective of this student conference was to invite students from both high schools and universities in Hong Kong and Asia for a chance to present research and write a poster and a paper on a topic that interests them.

A total of 19 projects were presented by 19 groups, a total of 25 students were involved.

Currently the organizing committee is arranging a student paper from each group and these will form the proceedings of this conference. The posters and papers will be uploaded into Research Gate for further use by the scientific community.

The organizers of this event would like to thank the Hong Kong CE/OES Joint Chapter Executive Committee and Cyberport for making this conference possible.

 The list is below in order of presentation. 

The details of each student’s work are available for viewing in the folders below. 

The posters and papers have already been up-loaded to ResearchGate for researcher access.

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Poster Competition Winners

1st Place: Cost-effective, Micro:Bit based smart bike helmet - Jonathan Chin

2nd Place: Particulates as a function of height - Kaira Sheth & Leah Gilette

3rd Place: Earthquakes and Volacanos - Marco Ching

Please see the reviewed papers in this folder.

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